Ash Williams Return in Evil Dead: The Game is Looking Groovy

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Chainsaw some Deadites while saving the world with friends.


Team up with your friends to kick some Deadite ass when Evil Dead: The Game tries to devour your soul later this year. A bloody new gameplay trailer was shown off by Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games during today’s Summer Game Fest presentation, and the game looks to be a fan service-laden good time. While the game won’t reinvent the coop survival horror wheel, it does feature the return of Bruce Campbell as Ashley Williams. That alone is pretty damn groovy.

In Evil Dead: The Game either save the world as a team of four survivors, or thwart the humans as the Kandarian Demon.

Evil Dead: The Game is a competitive coop survival game in which a team of four survivors must contain the breach between worlds before the Deadites and their allies can consume the mortal coil. Or, if you’re feeling like a bit of an asshole, you can take control of the vile Kandarian Demon and use its power of possession to put an end to the puny pugilists.

The title is a love-letter to all things Evil Dead, featuring characters and monsters from Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, Army of Darkness, and even the recent STARZ series Ash Versus the Evil Dead. Players can step into the shoes of not only the world’s largest schmuck and the El Jefe himself, Ash Williams, but those of Kelly, Pablo, Lord Arthur, and more. As for foes, Henrietta and other popular Deadites will stand between the team and success, all of whom the Kandarian Demon can possess.


Evil Dead: The Game will feature locations from the films and show, such as the Knowby cabin, all packed with little details that’ll make even the most stern of fans crack a smile. In these locations the survivors will have to explore, loot, craft, wield one of the 25 different weapons on offer to find key artifacts that’ll allow them to banish the Deadite menace and Kandarian Demon once and for all. Well, at least until some dumbass reads aloud from the Necronomicon again.

From what I could see in the gameplay trailer, the game looks basic yet fun. If anything, it reminded me a bit of Saber’s World War Z: nothing that’ll wow you or flip the industry on its ear, but solid enough to fill a week or three with gore soaked shenanigans. Besides, Deadites are way cooler that regular zombies anyway. Let’s just cross our mechanical fingers and hope the performance isn’t as terrifying as the demons.

Evil Dead: The Game does not have a release date, but it is slated to release later this year. It will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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