Genshin Impact — Konda Village Sacred Sakura Ritual guide

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Once you exit Ritou, one of the first landmarks that you’ll see is a fox statue and a priestess named Kazari. She tells you about a mystery that’s going on in Konda Village. Kazari will hand you a ward item that can be used later. Moreover, this starts “A Strange Story in Konda,” which is actually part of a lengthy quest chain. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Sacred Sakura Ritual in Konda Village.

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Genshin Impact Konda Village Sacred Sakura Ritual guide

Upon arriving at Konda Village, Paimon will tell you that there’s something strange in this neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghost Travelers. I’m kidding… or am I?

Point is, you’ll want to talk to various NPCs here (i.e., the village elder, the daughter, the two senior citizens, and the child on the roof).

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Knd 1

When you’re done, the objective will get updated. You’ll need to head to three marked locations to find clues. After obtaining these, speak with the village elder to hand him the coin purse, cargo bag, and ragged list of goods.

The elder will relent, and he’ll ask you to grab his notebook from the roof of his house. Then, you’ll have to fight a few Treasure Hoarders to get an Old Key.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Knd 2

Go to the dried-up well behind the elder’s house and use the old key. You should be able to drop down, revealing a small room with a chest and a boulder.

The pile of rocks has a purple glow (Electro), which means you’ll need to use an element that counteracts it (i.e., Pyro). Destroy the obstacle and continue onward.

In the next cavern, you’ll find an Electro Seelie (follow it around until it spawns a chest) and a Thunder Bough that gives you an Electrograna. Interact with the plant so you can gain the buff that lets you pass through the nearby Thunder Barrier.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Knd 3

This takes you to the decaying shrine where you need to complete the Sacred Sakura Ritual of Konda Village. The way this puzzle works is that you need to examine the switch with the “pray” command. It’s always the first in the sequence, so take note of the symbol and the sharp points that it has. Follow the connecting lines in the pattern to determine the order/number of sharp points for each switch. You can then interact with these to make changes.

For this puzzle, here’s what we need to do:

Pray – 1 Lower right – 2 Upper right – 3 Lower left – 4 Upper left 5

Genshin Impact Konda Village Sacred Sakura Ritual Puzzle Guide 2a

Interact with the main switch to pray, and it’ll cause a tough Nobushi samurai to spawn. Defeat it to cleanse this shrine. Kazari will then arrive to thank you for your efforts. She also mentions that you could continue to help her out.

Before you exit this cavern, use the nearby Thunder Bough to get the Electrograna buff. Then, make your way above to cross the other Thunder Barrier (the one that’s on a ledge).

This takes you to a couple of rooms with a secret Electroculi, as well as an Old Stone Slate and a Rust-Worn Key. The key itself is actually very important since this is required for the next mission in the Abandoned Shrine.

Genshin Impact Konda Village Sacred Sakura Ritual Puzzle Guide 3

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