Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Magnamalo Plate

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Time to carve this rage kitten like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.


Every hunter will want a Magnamalo Plate at some point in Monster Hunter Rise, yet plates are some of the rarest drops in the game. You’ll need to hunt Magnamalo quite a few times if you plan to grab one (unless you absolutely luck out). That said, you’ll want to reach High Rank hunts if you want to increase your odds.

Magnamalo Plate are easier to obtain from High Rank hunts in Monster Hunter Rise.

Magnamalo Plate is used in a handful of crafting recipes, to include the Magnamalo armor set and weapons. This is a highly desirable item to obtain, but its drop-rate isn’t exactly the greatest. You can technically try and farm Magnamalo Plate in Low Rank hunts, but your best odds are from High Rank hunts.

You’ll need to reach 4-star Hub quest hunts to unlock High Rank, which is accessible around the same time as the Low Rank Magnamalo fight. So, while you can go out of your way to obtain these from Low Rank, you’re better off waiting until you start farming High Rank hunts if you plan to be efficient. Yes, the Low Rank Magnamalo gear can help you enter High Rank more easily, but there are easier to farm armor sets that will work just as well (Somnacanth comes to mind).

That all said, if you want to farm Magnamalo Plate in Monster Hunter Rise you will want to, well, hunt Magnamalo. That much is a given, but what about the drop-rates? High Rank has the best drops rates, but they’re still not fantastic. To summarize: prioritize High Rank hunts, break parts off of Magnamalo, and the drop-rate is better for captures than it is for carves in Low Rank.

Magnamalo Plate Low Rank Target Rewards: 2% Capture Rewards: 3% Broken Part Reward: 3% (Head) Carves: 1% (Body) Dropped Materials: 1% Magnamalo Plate High Rank Target Rewards: 5% Capture Rewards: 5% Broken Part Reward: 5% (Head) Carves: 3% (Body), 5% (Tail) Dropped Materials: 3%

As you can see, Magnamalo Plate is rare, even in High Rank. Don’t be surprised if it takes you multiple hunts to grab just one. But, that’s kind of the point of Monster Hunter Rise, now isn’t it? Get to hunting, and don’t forget to break Magnamalo’s parts to increase your odds!

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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