Sucker Punch Shares Brand New Details About Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island Expansion

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A vast island filled with secrets awaits.


PlayStation and Sucker Punch Productions detailed Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion today, showcasing a new trailer and a good amount of new information surrounding the story. Ghost of Tsushima was released last July and will be getting an enhanced Director’s Cut in just under a month, which contains this expansion as a part of it. This Director’s Cut was leaked thanks to the ESRB and was announced just shortly after. The expansion will focus on a new villain, called The Eagle, who leads a horde of followers. At Iki Island, Jin will face his past and his clan’s past while exploring the island to put a stop to the Eagle. You can read a full description of the expansion below, which was written by Patrick Downs, the Senior Writer for Sucker Punch.

Jin’s journey begins when he discovers that a mysterious Mongol tribe has gained a foothold on Iki. They are led by a revered shaman called Ankhsar Khatun, known to her followers as “the Eagle.” As both a khatun and a shaman, she is not only a conqueror of nations, but a shepherd of souls. And the danger she presents to Jin and his people is unlike any they have faced.

The only way to counter this threat is for Jin to return to Iki Island. He’s been there once before. And in confronting a new and dangerous enemy, he will be forced to face old fears, and unearth deeply buried traumas. As you explore a new island and battle new threats, you’ll also delve into the dark past of clan Sakai…

Our semi-fictional version of Iki Island provides a stark contrast to Tsushima. It is a wild, lawless land of raiders and criminals, scarred by memories of war, and fiercely independent; the samurai have not been in control there for decades. Skilled though he is, Jin can’t take on the Mongols alone. He will have to work with—or around—a coterie of unsavory characters to take the fight to the Eagle. The cost of failure is too high. If the Eagle and her tribe subdue Iki and muster the support of its people, Tsushima and the rest of Japan will be in grave danger.

The trailer that was released alongside this blog post was visually stunning, showcasing areas that look nothing that can be found on the island of Tsushima. We are extremely excited to delve back into Jin Sakai’s story and uncover the secrets found on Iki Island! Sucker Punch going with a much different approach for life on Iki Island is incredibly interesting, and something that will surely offer the player a completely new, yet familiar, journey with Jin. We are promised to “encounter pirates and smugglers, mad monks and haunted caves” while traversing through Iki island, all of which are totally new to the world of Ghost of Tsushima. With additions like this and more we do not know about, this expansion will not disappoint.

For footage of the expansion, check out the brand new trailer for the Iki Island expansion below. We cannot wait to get our hands on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, which releases on August 20th! With less than a month to go, we will be exploring Iki Island in no time.

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