Tales of Arise release date revealed during Summer Game Fest 2021

3 дней назад 4

The upcoming Tales game in the influential JRPG series received a new trailer at the Summer Game Fest on Thursday. Developer Bandai Namco’s latest entry was initially planned to release to all platforms during 2020. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the game was delayed further into 2021. Luckily for us, we finally got a release date with this trailer, with the game heading our way September 10, 2021.

The bombastic new trailer gave a glimpse into the new story, as well as the action RPG gameplay. The trailer also revealed the last two characters to join protagonists Alphen and Shionne. Kisara, a Dahnan soldier, is one of the most powerful soldiers in the Dahnan army. She’ll use a hammer and shield to both deal devastating damage and protect her allies during combat. Dohalim, a noble from Rena, uses a rod and other techniques to deal damage to opponents.

You can head on over to Steam and pre-order the game for $59.99 USD.

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