You can soon drive a Ferrari 296 GTB around in Fortnite

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Epic’s battle royale is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for basically anything and everything in terms of cosmetics and crossovers. The latest event to shake up Fortnite is a partnership with Italian sportscar icon Ferrari. The Italian Stallion is about to hit showrooms around the island. Specifically, the new 850 hp 296 GTB model. Hope you have good insurance.

Epic Games and Ferrari both announced the Fortnite crossover earlier today with a simple image of the Ferrari logo as it appears on the car. Look a little more closely, and you’ll see the Battle Bus floating in the reflection of the clear coat.

Perhaps a step towards a racing event?

This type of crossover is the first of its kind. Until now, the only vehicles in the game appear as unbranded knock-offs of iconic vehicles. There are clearly vehicles in Fortnite inspired by models from brands like Lamborghini and Mercedes already. It appears that garnered some jealousy from Ferrari, and the brand decided to make the next logical step.

This isn’t a surprise overall to see Ferrari sports cars in another video game, and Fortnite is certainly popular enough to match the Italian automaker’s prestige. The racing sims have been creating partnerships and paving the way for official designs and sounds for many years now.

Ferrari 296 Gtb Fortnite Crossover Release Web

Seeing how Fortnite added vehicles last year and has yet to do a proper racing event feature, perhaps this is a sign of what’s to come. Fortnite has countless events and crossovers, so it’s easy to expect anything from Epic Games these days. One has to remember that this is the same game that featured a giant kaiju fight, a world-ending event starring Galactus, and even a massive flood last summer. With all of that in mind, a racing event seems like an easy enough task for the development team.

We’ll just have to see if the Ferrari crossover is a one off feature or part of something bigger. You can jump in tomorrow and try the new whip out for yourself.

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